2015 Civic Type R Turbo Price in USA


2015 Civic Type R is the new chapter for Honda. Honda is one of auto companies that always offers best car with various types and features. Honda is known as Japanese car maker that also creates motosport. Honda will launch 2015 Civic in early 2015 and in the same time, you will see the other Honda’s car, Honda NSX. You who want to buy Honda Type R 2015 need to read the features and the specification of this car. This car will be made better than the other product and this car is the best future car from Honda for you.

2015 Civic Type R Turbo

Learn more about the 2015 Civic Type R Turbo price with comprehensive release date info, review and specs.

Specification of Honda Type R 2015
2015 Civic Type R will be made with 2.0 L with turbocharged petrol engine system. This engine system will produce 206 KW power and 400 Nm torque. When we see the power, we can compare 2015 honda civic type r with its strong competitor, Renault Megane RS265. You can also compare this car with Volkswagen Golf R. The great power in this car is the result of Honda’s research and the development center in Japan. People can see the prototype of this car to see future car that will be released in early of 2015. The shape of this car will be made in modern look. Honda offers the best front-wheel-drive system in this car that will be quicker than other rivals. The transmission that will be used in this car is 8-speed with dual clutch transmission. When you drive this car, you will reach first 100 Km/h in 6 seconds.

2015 Civic Type R Price

Released Date and Price of 2015 Honda Civic Type R
The exterior of this car will be made in sporty look. The interior of this car will be made more comfortable. Some changes in exterior and interior parts of this car will make all people feel comfortable when they drive this car. This car will offer fuel economy and best safety features too. As it is said above, for all of you who want to buy this car, you must be patient. This 2015 Civic Type R will come in early 2015 but you have already seen the prototype of this car. Most people really want to know how much price of this car. You can buy this car after you pay $39,990. You can pay higher price when you choose to buy additional features and accessories. You can choose Honda Type R 2015 for the best future car for your life.

2015 Civic Type R is the new generation of Honda Civic that is made with better engine system and features.

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