2015 Dodge Avenger RT Concept


2015 Dodge Avenger seems to be the most waiting for car since the concept has been released by Dodge. For sedan lovers, it cannot be denied that new Dodge Avenger is a really perfect choice that should be considered as an option to choose next year. When it is said to be so, it is so certain that there are quite a lot of positive values that this car owns. Here are some of the most prominent ones that you can check out while waiting for the car to be released in the future.

2015 Dodge Avenger RT

2015 Dodge Avenger is a quite great option to choose by sedan lovers next year because of the better quality engine and also some other plus points that can be found in it.

The Engine of Dodge Avenger 2015
The first plus point that can be found in 2015 Dodge Avenger is located in no other else but the engine that provides power in this car. Since there are some models will be available later for it, it is so much better for us to talk about the engine that is used in the base model of the car. For this model, the base engine applied in nothing else but a 2.4L inline engine with 4-cyl feature and 4-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy of this engine is calculated to be 21/29 mpg while the power that this engine can create is known to be up to 173 horsepower per 6000 rpm. For a sedan, this is certainly something quite powerful and the fuel economy value that it has is actually rather great. Other than this engine, it seems that there will be another one offered for this 2015 car series of Dodge Avenger.

2015 Dodge Avenger Concept

Other Plus Points in 2015 Dodge Avenger
Other than the engine and the fascinating power that it has, this Dodge Avenger still have some other points that make it a car to consider next year. The most prominent one is of course the style applied to the design. Since the beginning of Dodge Avenger, this car is always famous because of the stylish look that it has. For the 2015 series, this is even better because of the fact that the series is actually an all-new series. In other words, it can be said that there is a possibility for this car to own a much better and more stylish look that its predecessors. Other than that, the design of this car will also be bolder. It is not only about the choice of exterior colors and interior trims provided for it. Instead, it is also about some bold details applied to 2015 Dodge Avenger design, including the new headlights and also the iconic tough-looking front grille.

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