2015 Ford Explorer Sport Trac MPG


2015 Ford Explorer is a tough car that has quite a lot of positive values inside, including the high technologies that can be found in it as well as the powerful engine that is adorned in it.

2015 Ford Explorer Sport

2015 Ford Explorer is no longer just a plan because this car series already undergone some production process even if it may not be all parts of the car. Moreover, some rumors even mention that this car will be ready in the beginning of 2016 even there is not yet a fixed date mentioned in relation to that. The sure thing is that there are quite a lot of plus points that can be found in this car and of course all of those make the car to be a really considerable option when it comes to near-future tough car.

All Excellent Values in 2015 Ford Explorer
Before talking about the engine that is used to adorn this Ford Explorer 2015, it is so much better for you to know about all other excellent values that can be found in this car. First of all, this car is actually the one that is designed with upscale cabin that does not only look luxurious because of the premium material used in it but also look quite fascinating because of the fact that there are complete high-tech features that can be used not only in supporting driving but also in giving more entertainment for everybody in the car. Other than this, you have to know also that this car is known to be the one that has a really high score in crash test which means that it is designed with high safety features so that driving it will always feel safe and comfortable for you. Next, the engine that it has is known to be the one completed with excellent fuel economy so that even if it is a car with tough looking and performance it does not really cost too much fuel even if it is used in every day. The calculation of the fuel economy is known to be 17/24 mpg only.

2015 Ford Explorer Redesign

The Engine of Ford Explorer 2015
All great values that can be found inside this car are never complete without the perfect choice of engine that the automaker chooses for it. The engine that is used in this car is a Turbocharged V6 engine with 3.5L capacity and 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission. This engine is known to make 2015 Ford Explorer, especially the 250 model, to have the ability to develop a quite great power, which is up to 290 horsepower that can be reached in the number of 6500 rpm.

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