2015 Honda CRZ Type R and Turbo


2015 Honda CRZ is a future car that can be said to arrest quite a lot of attention in this recent time. The reason is no other else because according to quite a lot of Honda CRZ forum, there is a strong indication that this car will not be available in Europe market as told by the automaker spokesman. The same thing also happens to Insight car series of the same year. The main reason that can be found behind this seems because Europe market is now focusing a lot of its attention to the development of Civic Type R. It is even known that this new CRZ is in fact the one that is produced to be sold in US market and it will make its first debut in the year of 2015.

2015 Honda CRZ Type R

2015 Honda CRZ is rumored not to be available for Europe market. Other than that, it is also mentioned that the car will be adorned with a new and better type of engine.

The New Engine of Honda CRZ 2016
Unlike the current series, 2015 Honda CRZ is known to receive a new type of engine. If previously this car is adorn with 1.5L Inline 4-cyl engine with 6-speed manual transmission, this new series is adorn with 1.5L Direct Injection 4-cyl Turbocharged engine with 7-speed dual clutch transmission. This engine is not only predicted to give the car a better speed. Instead, it is also the one that is rumored to create a better power too. If the previous engine can only create for about 130 horsepower, this one is known to have the ability to develop up to 220 horsepower. Even the exact number has not been known yet, this new engine is also said to be the one that gives the new Honda CRZ an even fuel economy feature.

2015 Honda CRZ Turbo

2015 Honda CRZ Look
Even if there will be some changes applied in the design of this future car, it seems that basically in can be said that the design of this car will not be so much different compared to the current series of it. It is especially when the design is seen from the outside. In the inside, sporty look is also the one that can be seen quite perfectly. While the leaked images of the car show an interior with black color theme, it seems that later when the car is released there will be more options of sporty interior trims and colors that will be offered. With this kind of design as well as the new engine applied to it, including also about the fact that the car will be sold in US market, it is predicted that a certain price under $30,000 is the one that will be applied in this 2015 Honda CRZ.

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