2015 Scion XB Release Date and Concept


2015 Scion XB is a funky but elegant car worth waiting for in 2014. The redesigned and improved components and affordable price makes this prototype very popular.

2015 Scion XB Release Date

2015 Scion XB is a new car from Toyota youth brand which comes with many improvements. Regarding the improvements and also the concept, this new car is expected to show better performance.

2015 Scion XB Concept
The all new Scion XB prototype from Toyota youth brand is very trending in some automotive sites. Some sources mentioned that this car gets almost the whole components redesigned. It is done because the new Scion XB is carrying new concept. The new Scion XB concept is funky and elegant. This concept literally can be seen on the new exterior and interior designs. As a matter of case, the third generation of Scion XB gets new compact sedan platform. This platform allows Scion XB to get new exterior model. Besides, rumor has it that the new Scion XB gets its face lifted for more aggressive look and performance. Further, the new Scion XB also gets new LED accent lights and new chromed exhaust tips which make this car look modern but luxurious. Instead of getting exterior redesigning, this fancy hatchback also gets interior upgrading. The interior now looks more elegant with solid black color scheme. Moreover, this 4270 x 1760 x 1610 mm car is also equipped with new audio system, 6.1-inch dash mounted touch screen, CD/Mp3 player, iPod and USB connectivity, and more. There are some integrated security features as well, such as advanced airbag system, traction control, vehicle stability control, and anti-lock brake system.

2015 Scion XB Interior

Scion XB 2015 Engine Option and Price
Unlike the previous series, the new 5-door hatchback which can accommodate 5 people at once is expected to run in new and more powerful engine option. According to the official site, the new engine option which is going to run in this New Scion XB 2015 is 2.4-liter DOHC 6-valve 4-cylinder VVT-I engine. This engine is considered having good performance and efficient fuel economy. Combined with either 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic gearbox, this engine can develop 158 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. Regarding the new design and high performance, people may consider that this car will be offered in high prices. Fortunately, the third generation of Scion XB hatchback will be offered in low prices. Everybody can have this car by spending $19,000 for the standard model.

2015 Scion XB Concept

Even though the 2015 Scion XB release date has not been announced yet, but the enthusiasm of the audience toward this car is very high. Moreover, it is a fact that the new 2015 Scion XB is offered in very decent prices which make many people really want to purchase it.

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