Honda Civic 2015 Si and Type R in USA


Honda Civic 2015 is called as the best future car from Honda. Civic is one of the best products from Honda and there are lots of people who like with Honda Civic. The new generation of Civic, 2015 Honda Civicis waited by all people. All people really want to know the new version of Civic. Honda offers the new generation of Honda Civic that is called as Honda Civic Type R. There are some changes that you can see between the previous generation of Honda Civic and this Honda Civic type R. You will not only find the differences in the engine system but in the exterior and interior of this car too. Here is the detail information about the new Honda Civic that you must know.

Honda Civic 2015 Si

Honda Civic 2015 will focus on the car’s handling and also new chassis.

Honda Civic 2015 Changes
2015 Honda Civic will be made with some changes. We can see the changes in the exterior of this car. You will see the bigger rear wing in the rear window, new exhaust pipes size, new front spoiler, new rear bumper, bigger wheels, and some sportier seats. Some changes in this car will make all people want to stay longer in this car. There is entertainment features too in this car. Civic 2015 will focus on the car’s handling and also new chassis. The engine system that will be used in this car will produce at least 276 HP. The new Civic will be supported with 1.6L powerplant. You can also find 2.0 direct injection turbo engine system. Honda plans to create the hybrid version of Civic. This car will be completed with fuel economy system that will help you to save more fuel.

Honda Civic 2015 Type R

Launch Date of 2015 Honda Civic
It is important for you to find the detail information of this car before finally you buy this car. For all of you who are interested with this car, you must be patient. Honda will release this car in the end of 2014 or early 2015. You can search the detail information about this car during waiting for the coming of this car. How much money that you need to buy this car? For all of you who are living in UK, you can buy 2015 honda civic after you pay 25,000 Euro for base price of this car. You can pay higher price when you buy accessories in this car. When you want to compare Honda Civic 2015 with the best competitors, you can compare with Renaultsport Megane, Focus ST, and Vauxhall Astra VXR.

Honda promotes new Honda Civic 2015 with some changes in exterior and interior and the car will be sold in affordable price.

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