Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 Sport (LR2)


The new Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 Sport’s prediction and speculation on the model and its engine. Land Rover has introduced its LR update for the 2013 model, it explained that the vehicle is received a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the latest version of the automaker’s brilliant Terrain Response off-road system and a much more luxurious for its interior. Despite all of the updates, there is no hiding the fact that this LR2 is starting to show its age, since it has been on the market with the 2007 model year. For right now, the good news is that a new successor is in the work, although later the car won’t be known as an LR2. It won’t also be known as a Freelander, which is what the LR2 is usually called overseas. Instead of that, the new successor of the LR2 will be called as a New Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 Sport.

Land Rover Discovery 5 2016

Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 seems to be the most waiting for car since the concept has been released by Land Rover.

The New Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 Sport
It has been rumored that the Land Rover was going to use the Discovery name (LR4) for a family of lifestyle and as a leisure-oriented vehicle, it is just like the Range Rover model that is currently used for a upmarket family vehicle and also the defender name for the hardcore utility models. However, at the 2014 Geneva Motor Shows, Land Rover teams finally confirmed the rumors about the new Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 Sport. However, there are no details on the new Discovery family were revealed, although we know that this model will be the LR2 replacement. As it mentioned, the car’s name will be Discovery Sport, and its official information should be revealed either later of this year or early next year.

New Land Rover Discovery 5 2016

2016 Land Rover Discovery 5 Sport Engine
The vehicle will share its platform with Range Rover Evoque. However, the Discovery Sport is expected to be bigger than the Evoque, even though its proportions and the styling are similar. The extra size of the vehicle will allow for the new seven-seat option. The power in the base model will most likely come from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is found in Jaguar Land Rover’s Ingenium engine family. Besides, the 3.0-liter V-6, which in supercharged form that has been added to Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models may also be offered for this Land Rover Discovery 5 2016 Sport. And a nine-speed automatic should be the standard for this car. In addition, the Discovery Sport possibly gets a new compact model smaller than the Range Rover Evoque.

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